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Featuring advanced technology to help collect, coordinate, manage and share sensitive geospatial datasets, CrisisWorks-BNA can be used across a wide range of contexts and applications. Manage processes, share intelligence, identify and manage risks, delegate and track activities and communicate with teams and other stakeholders, all in a fully secure and audited environment.


Designed to standardised international principles, incident command and an all hazards approach, CrisisWorks-BNA provides enhanced situational awareness and a common operating picture with messaging and mapping. - for emergency coordination, recovery, risk and continuity management.

Full lifecycle management system behind a highly secure web and mobile platform with advanced security features including duty tracking, multiple positions, multi-event participation and cross-agency access.

Inspect & Capture: Collect information and capture evidence in the field, from relief and recovery centres, and from other systems via interoperability.

Evaluate & Organise: Information is managed with status, assignment, priority, structured data and geospatial attributes, and tailored workflows allow related tasks to be created and managed independently to the captured intelligence.

Delegate, Communicate & Monitor: Tasks can be created and assigned to officers and contractors. Information can be published via email, SMS and web to on duty and on call users.

Review & Report: Detailed reporting analyses your data and provides snapshot reporting of your event, and this data can then be shared with others.

Outside of emergencies, - the place to store, manage and share readiness, procedures, policies, plans, job descriptions, contacts and other important documentation